Our construction division has a team of experienced professionals who have been providing services to our clients consistently for decades. Our team has the industry experience on both the insurance company and brokerage side, which makes us uniquely qualified to develop the right plans to handle the complexities of your world.

The Alera Group team has the experience in representing everyone on your development team. Your contractors, owner, developers, architects and sub-contractors. This puts us in the unique position to understand your exposure and insurance needs as well as your development team.

Our firm represents all of the major construction industry insurance carriers, which gives us the strength as your broker to negotiate the best coverage with the most favorable terms. This is evidenced by the value added services provided from our construction specialty team:

    • Prepare bid specifications to procure the broadest and most economical insurance coverage annually or as needed;
    • Access all major construction insurance markets to negotiate the best terms for our clients;
    • Meet with our clients on a regular basis to review insurance issues;
    • Providing a quarterly stewardship report to recap completed services provided and update clients on open activities as well as industry product/coverage development;
    • Coordinate the investigation of accidents when they occur and assist in proper documentation and reporting of claims;
    • Assist in settling any first party claims so that you are paid promptly and fairly;
    • Manage all third party claims to be certain that they are being properly handled, including being tendered and accepted by the appropriate party;
    • Perform claim file reviews of all large workers’ compensation and general liability claims to be certain they are being properly handled and not over-reserved;
    • Provide Constant monitoring of changes in OSHA’s strict safety requirements allows us to instantly access the OSHA Code of Federal Register and print information on all of OSHA’s construction regulations;
    • Act as liaison between our client and the insurer with regard to all safety activities.

OCIP/Wrap Up/ Comprehensive Approach

The complexity of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs OCIPs and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs CCIPs (also referred to as ‘Wrap-ups’) and the potentially catastrophic impact of the exposures they are designed to protect against requires that Wrap-ups be designed and marketed by experts who have established relationships with the wrap-up marketplace. The Alera Group team of Wrap-up specialist works closely with our clients to develop a plan for securing a tailor-made Wrap-up program providing a broad range of specialized services. Our wrap-up specialists bridge the gap between you and the Wrap-up insurance carriers through a systematic approach that is shaped by an acute understanding of the underwriting process and a respect for the complexity of a construction project.