About Us

For over 60 years, we have provided risk management, and financial products and services to corporations, institutions and individuals throughout the world.

What Makes Us Different

We take a pro-active approach to the management and servicing of your account with:

  • tailor-made programs shaped to your needs, not to the needs of a representative peer group
  • pre-implementation services such as contract reviews, exposure analysis, and professional wrap-up feasibility studies
  • the skill and knowledge to develop innovative new products to address wrap-up issues and exposures as they arise
  • large investment in technology to allow rapid transfer of vital information to clients and wrap-up markets
  • in-house wrap-up professionals acting as your committed advocates

We have vast resources that enable our team of professionals to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.  By utilizing the experience and creativity of top-level insurance experts in conjunction with the firm’s worldwide resources, your Alera Group Las Vegas is able to provide sophisticated  products and service unparalleled in the insurance industry.

Our Mission

Every client is important to us. Whether a single individual or multimillion dollar corporation, each is assured of receiving the most competent insurance analysis and placement available.

The insurance industry is continuously evolving. Our resource capabilities provide us with the tools necessary to keep our clients informed regarding regulatory issues and current events that can affect our clients’ bottom line. We utilize the most efficient technological methods available that align with the needs of our clients. Our professionals have real time access to the most current news and business intelligence available. These management tools allow us to maintain the highest level of client service.

Our vision is guided by a commitment to understanding, anticipating and meeting our clients diverse and changing needs.

We consider it both a privilege and a pleasure to represent our clients. Our goal is to maintain relationships that extend well beyond the realm of an insurance broker. Our unwavering dedication to integrity, professionalism and service ensures that Alera Group maintains its position as the pre-eminent insurance broker.

Industry First

We have developed and implemented several industry first innovations to help our customers grow while managing risk.

To learn more about Alera Group, visit aleragroup.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@AleraGroupUS) or LinkedIn (@AleraGroup).