Alera Group’s clients includes business management firms in which we serve as a virtual risk manager, complementing services by assuming responsibility for handling a wide range of their clients’ insurance needs.  Since we know and care about your world, your company is paired with a wealth management and private client consultant who orchestrates the efforts of an account team and is composed of multi-disciplinary professionals.

Our Core Competency is to Reduce Your Liability

Reducing the liability business managers assume is the hallmark to success. With our expertise and market leverage, business managers and business advisors can offer their existing and prospective clients a more robust skill set, without adding to their overhead costs. Our involvement gives business managers/business advisors time to concentrate on fulfilling their core responsibilities, rather than time-consuming insurance functions.

We will assess your risk for professional liability claims. As your business evolves, and you add new clients and offer a wider range of services, risks quickly multiply. The financial, philanthropic, legal and administrative services you perform, or even arrange through an outside provider, put you at risk for a broad range of claims.