Joseph  Loretz

My medical malpractice professional liability  career began in 8 /1979 where I was first hired as a underwriter/policy services tech for The Underwriters for the Professions, as attorney in fact ( managing the TDC) book of physicians  and clinic business.

I transitioned into my sales and Broker responsibility as of 10/1985.  My partner and I formed Loretz Insurance, LLC., as Executive Vice President  DBA The Doctors Agency of Nevada .  We helped many Nevada  physicians insure their practices, clinics and staff and managed that book of business with two offices in Reno and Las Vegas.  We also were very instrumental with Tort Reform help to the current tort laws enacted today.

The Loretz Insurance, LLC  Agency was merged into Acordia of Nevada, 10/1998.

After several years  we then merged with Wells Fargo Insurance 6/2007, where I was Executive Vice President of Nevada sales and  assistant to managing two offices.   We also helped with the grass roots efforts  to” Keep our Doctors In Nevada “; and worked  diligently and closely with the KODIN for legislative reforms.

I formed Loretz Insurance, LLC after the  6/07 transition from Wells Fargo Insurance and that of  service and continued new business with my team.

The merger with Loretz Insurance, LLC to  Kaercher Insurance /Alera Group 11/2018, continues as my role as managing partner continues to strive to service our  mutual clients.

My unique previous underwriting work as well as experience with Wholesale and Retail brokers has been a benefit to our clients.

We have continued to service the providers in Nevada and other territories.