Diana Jarzen

Account Executive and Bond Manager

I have been in the insurance industry for over 33 years. I work with existing insureds and prospects to provide services to their changing insurance needs. I like to establish productive working relationships with my insureds, to provide them with the highest level of commitment, assessing their risk profile and customer services. I research and keep up with changes for my clients’ prospective industry. I meet with existing clients semi-annually or annually to review their insurance needs and contact them throughout their policy term to keep them informed of any information they could use or need. I also provide bonding lines and bonds on behalf of my construction clients, who require bonds continually. I specialize in the construction industry, attorney firms, architects, and engineers.

The bottom line is that my clients are treated with respect and understanding in a friendly, honest manner and with the utmost integrity. I want to help my clients manage the risks that arise in everyday life, understand their needs, and help them achieve success.