Surety and Bonds

We represent all major surety companies and we have developed a close relationship with all of the Sureties. A close relationship with the Sureties means quick turnaround for you. We have decades of experience and understand all types of bonds and the ever changing industry and we are committed to maintaining a relationship with you for life.

Some of the types of bonds we provide are:

    • Contract Bonds including bid, performance, payment and maintenance bonds.
    • License and Permit Bonds
    • Public Official Bonds
    • Mortgage Bonds
    • Judicial Bonds
    • Federal Bonds
    • Environmental Bonds
    • Financial Guarantee Bonds
    • Miscellaneous Bonds


SurePath is an automated surety administration system that provides reliable and efficient surety bond tracking and management for our clients. It is an Internet enabled database that administers the portfolios of our bond clients. The cost and time savings provided by this process are passed on to the client.