Disability Insurance

Income Protection, Paycheck Insurance it translates to the same thing, Disability Insurance.

Imagine, you have a great vacation planned, you’re off to the lake or the mountains and then unexpectedly something happens. An accident occurs and you find yourself in the hospital. Thankfully you have a great health insurance plan but, you will be out of work for 6 months with your injury. How do you make the payments on the house, car and boat? What about the kid’s school and soccer and football, how will you pay for that expense?

Disability Insurance, either individual or through a group is an often overlooked benefit that could spell the difference between maintaining a reasonable lifestyle during an injury or illness versus losing what you have worked so hard for. Statistics show that you are 3.5 times more likely to be injured and need disability insurance coverage than you are to die.

Injuries are not the only risk, what about disabling illnesses? Heart Attacks, Strokes and other illnesses are too often the cause of a major disability. Maternity can force a woman to leave her employment early and sure she has the time off but what about the lost paychecks.

Professionals have an even greater risk of financial loss. A doctor that can’t be in the operating room, and attorney that can’t go to court or the CPA unable to fulfill his duties to his clients because he is bedridden.

Disability insurance is the only coverage that protects your income and allows you to recover. Our professional team will evaluate your particular situation and recommend the best disability coverage for you. For many, disability plans can be purchased through an employer on a voluntary basis. For those with greater financial needs Individual Disability plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual.